Who are we?

We are BLAST. Believing, Living, Acting, Sharing, and Teaching.  These represent a core belief of who we want to be as a youth group and as followers of Christ.  We desire for all of our events, programs, meetings, small groups, and more to be centered around these five key aspects.


"We are a community of believers" - We strive to be a group of believers that thrive on living in community with one another.  We desire to share life, meals, friendships, hardships, good times, and bad times together.  Some key things we do to accomplish this goal are Lock-Ins, Retreats, "Hang-Outs", and "Hang-Ins".


"We are living in worship" - We are called to offer up ourselves as a living sacrifice, to live in a way that honors God.  We accomplish this goal by worshiping in the service, studying scripture together, meeting together in small groups to discuss what we learn and struggle with, and by living like followers of Christ in our day-to-day life.


"We are missions in action" - We have been given a calling by God to serve and loving others.  Serving in the community through outreach projects, serving in our local church through "Home Base Days", and local, regional, and global missions are just some of the ways that we accomplish the task of following God's call to serve.


"We are sharing our love of Christ" - We know that God loves others and wants them to believe and understand His love for them.  We try to share our own stories of God's love with others so that they can know His love.  We strive to accomplish sharing our love of Christ through our daily lives by representing Christ, sharing our stories, and sharing His stories.


"We are teaching through discipleship" - We are dedicated to becoming lifelong students, disciples, of Jesus.  Our biggest way of accomplishing this goal is through Discipleship with Pastor Dylan or our trained Discipleship Leaders.


blast IMPACT Camp 2017

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