An Introduction to Pastor Mike's Blog

From ""The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass" by Adrian Plass:

Saturday December 14th

Feel led to keep a diary.  A sort of spiritual log for the benefit of others in the future.  Each new divine insight and experience will shine like a beacon in the darkness!

Can't think of anything to put in today.

The opening entry in Adrian Plass' Diary still makes me laugh even 25 years later.  The self-importance to write a blog is only over-shadowed by the quite humbling thought that I may not have anything of significance to say.  The "Interweb" has brought us Social Media so we all have a voice whether well-informed or not.  I will belatedly and begrudgingly add mine but would rather have the "social" without the "media" where the discussion takes place in a living room or over a Crimson Cup french press coffee in a real mug or floating on a boat talking while fishing.

Applying the "Ready-Fire-Aim" approach, I plan to put things that impact me and may be of interest of others. There are times I would like to add or balance a recent sermon.  Sometimes I will post a link to referenced book, article or video.  There are church-related events that need an outlet as well.  Maybe one of my Daily God Encounters will work its way in or, better yet, one of yours with permission, of course.  The adjectives that I hope would guide this blog are "authentic", "thought-provoking", "encouraging", "humorous" "truth-based", and, most importantly, "God-glorifying".

They've told me that it would be a good idea to get a Twitter account so people can know when I've updated the blog.  My Twitter name is @PastorMikeGauch if you care to follow.

Let the blogging begin...maybe tomorrow...I got nothing, right now...