Round 2 with the Selection Booklet

Round 1 was just trying to edit, format and print this booklet with a copier that wasn't communicating with the computer.  In that harrowing process, some mistakes were made like FAQ #6 was rebelliously located in the midst of #8.  We also found and error with the "Key Dates" page where "Member return Ballots" was supposed to September 29th not October 29th.

Round 2 which wasn't nearly as bad but I finally was able to convert the whole document into a PDF (Click here to download).  This sounds easy but because of Round 1, it was challenging to say the least.  The two boo-boos above were corrected in this PDF. 

If you care to edit this document further please hand these changes to Sue avoiding me at all costs.  The Selection Booklet and I need a armistice.