Day 4 of the 22 Day Gratitude Challenge

At the end of the sermon on 11/9/14, I invited any one who would like to join me in a 22 Day Gratitude Challenge that would end with Communion (Eucharist means "Give Thanks") on 11/30.

If you are blessed by God then humbly express that gratitude to Him and then others.  This can be done with words, actions or gifts.  I'm finding that we are a grateful bunch.  Emails, notes, phone calls have all been used these last few days.  Someone was grateful for the neighbor who served his country years ago that this person cut and raked this veteran's yard.  Blessed leads to Gratitude leads to Blessing.

I've been blessed by your expressed blessings which causes me to express gratitude and the cycle continues.  Maybe this is what is meant by the author of Hebrews stated, "...let us CONTINUALLY offer to God a sacrifice of praise.. Hebrews 13:15 " because once started it self perpetuates.

Last, I'm grateful to our Lord who allows me to be a Pastor to such a grateful group of Christ-followers!  (I also just completed my Day 4 Gratitude Challenge :) )