Day 10 of 22-days of Gratitude & more!

Almost half-way done and the Lord is pleased with all the thanksgiving going up to Him and the blessings others are receiving in experiencing our gratitude.  Remember the unique aspect of our recognizing our being Blessed, then our subsequent Gratitude is that we express this to someone.  We don't have to do this every day but do try for a couple of times per week.  One of my favorite examples this week, was the empty-nester who sent a gratitude note to a retired Middle School teacher who had a huge impact on their child. 

For those who would like something to spark their gratitude reflection, click HERE for a Thanksgiving checklist derived from all the New Testament passages regarding Gratitude.

For those who enjoy deeper Bible Study, I mentioned in the sermon on Sunday about the 5 different sacrifices.  Click HERE for 2 charts that will help differentiate between them.