Just finished listening to Women's Luncheon and . . .

I just finished listening to the Women's luncheon and I was so blessed.  This was even heightened because it was led by 2 young ladies in our midst who have a depth in their relationship with Christ that belies their chronological age.  They shine like stars in this dark, crooked generation (Phil. 2:15)

Megan Holmberg accompanied by her Dad, Tim, sang Aftermath, a song I wasn't familiar with but it is beautifully powerful.  Megan has such a unique, beautiful and soulful voice that resonates deep within everyone who hears it.  She has an ability to show her heart when she sings.  The 2nd time I listened to it I had the lyrics before me which drove home the sacrifice of Christ and that we were rescued in the aftermath of that amazing, humbling act of our Savior.  Click here for the lyrics to Aftermath.

Alyssa Lindsey's testimony is one of surrendering in order to experience more and more of Christ through very difficult medical issues.  Having spent time with her , I can tell you that Christ is real within her.  This comes through very clearly where, in the end, you will join with her in Glorifying the Lord.  I highly recommend listening to this.

Don't stop listening too quickly because Sumita does an amazing Gospel presentation that is filled with wisdom, understanding and heart.  To hear her passion is why I thank God for her leadership of our Women's Ministry Board where the other women there share her heart as well.