One More Day Sermon Links & Thoughts

We regret that the sermon did not get recorded on Sunday.

Here is the Youtube link to David M. Bailey's One More Day.  If you'd like read more about him on his site click here.

A couple of thought that were not mentioned in the "One More Day" sermon.  The idea of our life is not a right, but a gift on loan from God is backed up by the Greek word translated "required/demanded" in Luke 12:20.  It literally means to demand back what was loaned.

One more thought...I used to think that because the rich man was so self-centered that God took his life in response.  I've been swayed to another interpretation.  Since Scripture indicates that the day of every persons death is "appointed" or already set (Heb. 9:27), then this man's planning his secure and easy life was foolish. 

Here's my crazy thought...What if the Lord wanted to help this man complete his legacy before he died?  God gave him a bumper crop so he could bless his community especially the poor. Can you imagine his funeral where the community would rise up with one voice to extol his Godly heart at the end of his life.  Instead, he squandered it on selfish goals.  Here's the quote from Augustine, "He did not realize that the bellies of the poor were much safer storerooms than his barns." (Full quote here).  The lesson is that we must invite the Giver of Life into every area of our life, even allowing him to check our attitudes and motives (Heb. 4:12-16), so we might maximize his investment in us.

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