Cure for the Common Idol Sermon Updates

One balancing comment on the sermon, "The cure for the common idol" should be made.  Productivity is a good thing & shouldn't be confused with "busyness".  What was at issue on busyness is when it becomes an away of escape from dealing with other important issues OR it is the 'carrot at the end of a stick" means to overcome self-worth issues.  Someone mentioned to me that sometimes they will spend hurried time with the Lord but are not "plugged in" to Him so little happens of significance.  It is  like turning on an unplugged light and expecting light.

Here is a PDF of the sermon on Sunday: Idol Sermon Presentation.

Click HERE for article, "Why Are We So Busy?" by Kevin Offner.  I do not know from what website or publication this was taken from but the whole article is worth reading, better yet, applying.

Click HERE for the article "Are we more narcissistic than ever before?" by W. Keith Campbell.

Click HERE is the section of the Sexual Addiction 101: Understanding the Basics & Beyond Seminar dealing with "10 Criteria for an Addiction" presented by Greg Schad & Lucinda Bolinger of Crossroad Counseling Group.