Discipleship Training - Safe, Stretching & Rewarding

If you haven't heard or seen yet, Pastor Mike will be leading a 9-week Discipleship Training (DT) Class at his home starting 1/20/15, 7pm. 

In talking with folks through the years, I know some people are scared or nervous about taking this training.  Let me assure you that it is a very safe environment to grow.  You are going to set your own goals.  It is designed for Christ-followers whether they be old-timers in the faith or just starting out.  Actually those just starting their journey with Christ sometimes fair better than the one who are set in their ways.  We will all be growing together, which means we are all teachable, which means we are all humble.

DT maybe safe but it is stretching in that you have to commit and apply yourself.  You are going to learn to be a little more dependent on the Lord and less on yourself.  Invariably, spending time with the Lord & in His Word every week is going to be challenging since life has a way of going sideways on us.  If you persevere, I can guarantee that you will be more "mature and complete, not lacking anything" (James 1:4).  This is what I call rewarding - focusing on Jesus so I can become more like Him.

Safe, stretching and rewarding...Will you come along for the journey?

Please consider signing up today since the class is limited to 12. You may use this Google Form Click HEREemail me your name & phone or sign up in the lobby at CFC.

To better understand the DT training (recommended) click HERE for the DT Invitation.