Jeff Parkhurst

Have you ever told someone "I just don't feel plugged in"? 

For years at other churches I thought I would get plugged in by osmosis.  That by just going to church, I would somehow magically know more people without any effort. 

I am ever so thankful that back in 1994, although we were in different cars, God had my wife Sarah and me listening to the same program on Focus on the Family that day.  We both listened to God Made Us A Family by one Dick Gauch.  That was well before we joined CFC.  In fact, after we moved in 2001, that program was the catalyst that made us seek out that pastor we'd heard ten years before.  

When we arrived at CFC, it was different than other places we'd been.  People were approachable, and I actually signed up for a men's Bible study on Monday nights.  I met about 6-8 guys.  That was the first step of many, and over the years I've been fortunate enough to be able to help with the Food Pantry, Baptism, Men's Ministry, Married Couples group, ushering, helping people move, and I've been selected to serve as a deacon.

Funny how much easier that osmosis was once I took a step in faith to join a group.  Just joining with those men gave me inroads into their lives and them into mine.  God has placed life-long friends into my life that help keep me accountable and with whom I can share struggles and successes.  It's taken me from Idaho to New Orleans, and my wife from Argentina to France. 

I'm still going to the Monday Night Men's Bible study, and just like they welcomed me into the group 15 years ago, we always welcome new guys looking for more than osmosis.