Cindy Haas

Cindy has been an integral part of the CFC community for ten years now. Her love for the Lord and His people has been a constant encouragement and reminder to so many.  

Back in the Spring, Cindy was told she had stage 4 cancer, and was given only a few months to live. The news was a shock, but Cindy was the first to say that God is good. From the beginning, she has wanted to use this time to bring glory to the Lord. She has continued to invite people to church with her, encourage others where they are, and stay involved at CFC.  

Last week, Cindy was presented the Dan Krzyzanowski Award for Courage. The award is given to someone who exemplifies a Christlike courage in the face of great adversity.  

Cindy is a blessing in countless ways to so many. One group of people especially blessed by her is Women’s Bible Study that meets Thursday nights. She has been a part of that group for years, so as a way to honor her, we asked the ladies of the group to share some thoughts and encouragements.

A special or fond memory you have of Cindy?

Several years ago we performed a skit about the women's retreat. Cindy played Joan of Arc, and she wore a pasta colander on her head for a helmet. She was so funny! She coined the phrase "Cindy Haas, reporting for duty," and she says it to me sometimes when she checks in with me to offer prayer, or to find out how I am doing. It is a funny and poignant reminder that she is a soldier of the Lord on active duty. She serves her Jesus and she serves me.
~ Cheryl Launer

She lead our Thursday Night Women's Study and gave us each multicolored pens to use in our study.
~ Barb Smail

Cindy and I were both Preschool Teachers at a Teachers Yearly Seminar/Training, and after the speaker spoke on Science activities with children, we split into groups and had to work on an experiment against the other groups to make the highest tower. Cindy and I were in the same group with a few others, and we had the best time laughing and just having fun with the project.  We kept trying out different dish detergents, whisking with a little water, trying to make the highest foam tower to hold our straws tall.
~ Gaye Richardson

I’ll never forget the night I stayed with her a couple weeks ago. Her position in the bed looked uncomfortable, and being “Nancy Nurse,” I was going to try to move her up in bed. She couldn’t help much and it wasn’t going to happen. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes & asked “ May I ask what we’re trying to do.” I told her, and she answered, “Can’t we just leave me alone.” Absolutely was my answer.
~ Dawn Johnson

How has Cindy impacted your life?

Our dear Cindy is genuinely interested in people, a great listener, has the ability to draw someone out, and a special radar for the underdog and the hurting. She has the gift of encouragement, and is a lover of children and animals. My life has been enriched as a result of knowing her!
~ Marcy Gauch

Cindy has blessed me by blessing my daughter Heidi. A special spark of love has grown between the two of them. I have been touched by Cindy's hunger for God and generosity. She is a genuine, authentic person who wants to know, love, and bless others at a deep level.
~ Barb Smail

No matter how she feels she always ask about me first. The first day I stayed with her and she was soooo sleepy she greeted me with "How are you doing today, Sue." She loves the Lord and never stops showing it and sharing it with everyone around her.
~ Sue Oldford

I have enjoyed getting to know Cindy and her input in our Women's Bible studies. I also admire how she always keeps a smile on her face and soldiers on even through her health hardships.
~ Gaye Richardson

Cindy is such a special lady. She is so interested in other people and shows that sincerity in the way she makes eye contact when speaking with folks. She has always been positive and fun-loving, and that hasn’t changed with her current health challenges. Her love of the Lord has always been very constant and continues to be so. I have always admired her openness and willingness to hear other’s thoughts in our Bible Study gatherings. Her acceptance of whatever happens, as it is God’s plan, is inspirational to me. She is a brave lady and a light to us all. Having her in our lives has been a true blessing for Dave and me.
~Dawn Johnson

I remember with a grateful hear the Labor Day I met Cindy at a coffee shop when she reminded me that the Lord's love and mercy were not things I ad to "labor" for; they were freely given to me by the saving work Jesus did on the cross. My heart was broken and I was struggling to understand the trial I was facing. I remember thinking at the time that perhaps my trial was the result of something I had or hadn't done, and the Lord was displeased with me. Cindy lovingly reminded me that our God is loving, merciful, and compassionate. My trial was not because He was unhappy with me, but because we live in a broken world. I will forever treasure Cindy's comforting words and the reminder that the Lord is always with me; He never leaves me or forsakes me, and that He is an everlasting Love! Oh how beautiful His love is and happy is the messenger who delivers the good this case Cindy!

How have you seen God work through Cindy?

She reaches out to all those around her, whether it's Nurses/Dr.'s/Waiters etc.  She considers life an adventure to be lived with God.
~ Marcy Gauch

Through her example to others, having the aroma of Christ and living the Word in her life impacting others.
~ Gaye Richardson

Cindy is such a great person. Prior to her retirement she worked with pre-schoolers and she would come to Bible study and tell us stories and ask us to pray for her and them as she showed the Love of Christ to them. She never stops telling folks about Jesus and our church. She has been trying to find a home for her two kitties, and ended bringing to church the young woman who will give them a new home.
~ Sue Oldford

How many young lives she has touched in her early education career - it is impossible to know. But hearing her remember about her time with the Homeless Families Foundation right up through Burbank is a demonstration of her ministry to those without a voice. The caring, the listening, the hugs, and the acceptance those kids must have felt with her is immeasurable.  They, and we, are the fortunate ones!
~ Jeannine Palmer

What do you most admire about Cindy?

What I most admire about Cindy is that regardless of what she's going through, she responds frequently with, "Isn't God GREAT?  He just loves me so much!"
~ Becky Canady

Her strength in the Lord, her attitude, her joy, and her perseverance.
~Gaye Richardson

I admire how Cindy has impacted so many lives. Cindy has a wide range of friends because she is a good friend to so many of us. She is a great listener and is genuinely concerned about each person. Cindy is very willing to share her faith walk which encourages us all.
~ Kay Scott

Cindy is a warrior who has blessed more people than she'll ever know. Here is one person's encouraging note to Cindy.  May it bless us all.  

Precious Cindy,

I am so glad our paths have crossed every Thursday night at bible study these several years past. What a joy it is being with our wonderful group of women. I enjoy the depths we go to to seek Christ together and desire to grow in Him. We share each other’s joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures. God delights to increase the faith of His children. Instead of wanting no trials before a victory, He intends our trials to strengthen our faith and bring us closer to Him.  I am so sorry for your pain and sorrow now, but I am so happy for you to know God deeper, for your faith to be strengthened. Hebrews 10:23  “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who has promised is faithful.”  I love you, Dear Sister.

~ Gayle Sinclair