Cheryl Launer

I want to share about a dream that I had several years ago that I believe was from God.

I was in the jungle on some kind of mission field. Other people were quietly working around me and it was peaceful. Suddenly we heard the pounding of feet and shouting: “Battle! Everyone to the front lines!” People around me immediately dropped their tools and started running toward the front of the battle in great excitement. I started to run too, but felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked into the face of Someone who I knew was Jesus.  

With great love He said, “You are needed there.” I turned to see where He was pointing and it was - gasp! a dilapidated gray outhouse. A worn sign hung crazily by one nail with the word Intercessor carved into the wood. The words were once painted red but most of the paint had flaked off. I looked back at Jesus in disbelief. He told me again that He wanted me to go inside the outhouse. In my dream, I knew that I was being given a choice. Jesus wasn’t insisting that I go there, but that was what He wanted. I hesitated, wanting to obey, but very much wanting to run off to join my friends in the excitement on the front lines. With disappointment in my heart, I headed toward the outhouse and the dream ended.

I woke up in the morning feeling sad and, I must confess, a little angry with God. Why did everyone else get to go where all the action was, while I was relegated to an outhouse, of all things? I knew that the outhouse represented intercessory prayer. But what a lonely and boring place! Later that day, and over the years, God has graciously allowed me to understand what a blessing it is be called to the ministry of intercessory prayer. There is an incredible richness to the picture of God’s mighty power cloaked by a humble building, such as an outhouse, or myself. But that’s God for you.  In outrageous love, Jesus Himself, Creator of all, chose to be housed in weak human form and was born in a shelter for animals.

I get excited when I reflect on my dream now. I believe God has uniquely gifted me for intercessory prayer, but I’d be the first to admit I feel woefully unequipped most of the time. One of my biggest struggles is with depression, and sometimes it’s very difficult to get out of the house. But thankfully, God has brought me to CFC where I have found unending love and support, but never judgment. I love the Thursday night Bible studies, and I love the women there. God has graciously given me some very dear and close friendships that I know will last into eternity. Hallelujah!!! I think my ministry and mission at CFC is still unfolding. I look forward to the things God does with our church and with my life.


I snapped this picture of a storage shed during a walk at the women’s retreat because it looks a lot like the outhouse in my dream. To her credit, my walking partner, Helen Sprague, didn’t seem at all surprised that I was very excited about seeing this building and was taking a million pictures of it. 

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