Pastor Dick Gauch

This snapshot occurred about 2 years ago, at one of our family’s lowest points, when we started remembering some of God’s blessings to us. When we remembered His faithfulness to us and we found hope again. 

Our family (Sue and I, our four children Terri, Debbie, Judy and Mike, our 16 grandchildren and our 13 great grandchildren) has been blessed by the Lord more times than we can count. He has shown His faithfulness to us in so many ways. 

Years ago when I started studying the O.T. I loved the fact that God had them build Altars or Pillars of stone so that later, when they had forgotten God’s goodness those things caused them to ask and remember. So I told God I wish I could do that so I wouldn’t ever forget His goodness to us. Somehow God has done this for me, helping me remember those many blessings when we needed hope. One such blessing is the gift of life which happened to our family about two years ago.

Let me go back to the beginning, we all had become Christians in just 2 ½ months. This included my Mother who was visiting and our oldest daughter’s husband Kimn. They wanted to start a family, but Terri was having a difficult time getting pregnant. In fact they were told by her doctor that they needed to consider adoption. That just devastated them because they expected God to give them their own child. Twice their doctor brought up options before they came to Sue and me to talk about adoption.

By this time through the ministry I had the privilege of placing seven babies for adoption. I told them that it would be difficult to adopt, but if God opened that door they should not close it. Terri went back to her doctor and told him they would consider adoption. Less than six months later the doctor himself called Terri to tell her than he had a 28 year old single woman who decided to place her infant for adoption. The doctor told her to have Kimn call the attorney right away because many other couples already knew and he wanted them to be first. 

We realized once again looking back at the stones of memory that he had placed in our lives and we realize that we have never been hopeless because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

They were the first ones to be interviewed by the attorney that Friday morning. Although he had 17 other appointments, for some reason he didn’t understand, he had decided to place this baby with Terri and Kimn. They named her Charity, which means “God’s love.” She’s been a precious part of our family ever since as our very own.

I married Charity to her husband Scott some time ago. After a while they decided they would like to have children.  Charity was having problems getting pregnant and went to see the doctor about getting pregnant. After many exams and treatments he told her unfortunately she was in menopause and their hopes for having their own child were dashed.

I called them and reminded them of her mother’s same problem years before and suggested that they get licensed as Foster parents and adoptive parents there in Texas. They were offered a foster child to raise; a little African American boy. They said yes and made preparations to take the baby. The agency said this woman had just given birth to a second child they wondered if they would like to raise him too.  Of course they said yes immediately. 

We were all excited because the agency said that that the mother had already given up four children and it was a very good possibility that she would have to give up these two also. Charity and Scott would be the prime candidates to adopt the boys. We continued to pray because we wanted to make sure we got God’s children meant for them. 

Then out of nowhere one of the grandmothers came forward and said she wanted her grandsons. The next week the boys were taken from them. Our family was crushed but I felt in my heart that God was going to give them a child or children and that for some reason God had said no to these two little boys.  Later we came to understand some of the significant mental health and addiction issues that would have been an issue.  

The family prayed in unity for the child or children that God was going to give them. The second thing we prayed for was that God would do it in such a way that no one would doubt it was Him. The third part of the prayer was that God would take care of the financial costs. Scott updated the details on Facebook and said that the only thing left was paying for the adoption. They had just closed on a brand new house.

Scott and Charity left for some respite in Florida and when they returned, Charity noticed that some new neighbors had moved in. The woman was standing outside with her baby and Charity went out to meet her. As they were talking, she commented on her baby and the woman told her that they had adopted her as an infant five months ago. Charity told her their journey in desiring to adopt a child. 

The woman suddenly ran into the house leaving Charity standing there! When she returned she handed Charity a piece of paper that had her attorney’s information on it. She told her that this attorney placed children of women prisoner’s from Florida for adoption. She told Charity that she was aware of a baby boy that would be available in the fall. They contacted the attorney and found that the baby was available! Prayerfully, they began the process to adopt the baby boy.

As friends and family became aware of the financial need, they wanted to contribute. So a fund was created for the adoption to raise $15,000. Someone had pledged to match when the fund reached $5,000. The family had a garage sale with the proceeds going towards the adoption fund. $5,000 was reached and it was matched. The neighbor’s parents told them that they would contribute the final amount needed at the end. The Lord had answered all three of our prayers!

The baby boy was born in October, 2013 and they named him Crosby which means, “at the cross”. Crosby is such a blessing and a reminder to our family of God’s faithfulness when everything seemed to be at its worst and we felt helpless. We realized once again looking back at the stones of memory that he had placed in our lives and we realize that we have never been hopeless because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.