Forgiveness - Unexplainable, Apart for God

As I mentioned on Sunday, I had a remarkable amount of technical glitches.  So traumatized by this, I refused to turn on my computer for 2 days which explains why this blog took so long to post.  My excuse if this post is a little disorientated is that I woke up today with what I suspect an inner ear issue because I'm unusually dizzy ('unusually' was added for all of you who were thinking, "Isn't 'dizzy' his normal state?").

One of the greatest evils in our time is being unleashed on the world through the radical Islamic group, ISIS.  This group has a special hatred for us, followers of Jesus.  The atrocities done to our Brothers & Sisters in Christ who found themselves in their path have been despicable and, quite frankly, make me angry.  YET, through the rubble & ashes of evil, something beautiful & fragrant has been rising above it all...GRACE. This grace is displayed with Forgiveness, Unexplainable apart from God.  Jesus forgave the Romans and Jews who unjustly crucified him (Luke 23:34). This Jesus, resurrected and alive, lives in each of us therefore forgiveness is truly a part of our DNA.

Without further ado, below is the interview with Christian children who find themselves in an Iraqi refugee camp, having been chased from their homes by ISIS.  The little girl, Myriam, is a very special messenger of Jesus.

I recommend reading the English translation of the gospel tract, "Two Rows by the Sea".  I read with tears the powerful poem from it .  Here is an article explaining the development & impact of this tract.

Click HERE for the article, "The greatest weapon against ISIS? Forgiveness" by Martin Saunders.  I read excerpts from it at the end of the service.

Finally, below is link from the Voice of the Martrys which I saw earlier this year.  It is the story of a Christian mom in Syria preparing her children for what may come at the hands of ISIS.  This is very powerful, emotional, and painful, so understand your own heart before viewing. Click HERE for "Liena's prayer" by Voice of the Martyrs.  Your prayers for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East will change in frequency and fervency...

God bless, Pastor Mike