Rachel Sinclair

I went to Christian Fellowship Church for 19 years while I was growing up.  I enjoyed my time going here, but when I graduated from high school and moved to Cincinnati, I never thought I’d go to CFC again.  I moved back to Columbus last summer, and immediately started visiting other area churches with friends.  There just weren’t people in my stage of life – singles in their late twenties – at CFC.   

Every once in a while, I would come to CFC with my parents, and every time I came, Marcy Gauch would approach me and ask if I’d like to get involved in the worship again.  Not only is Marcy the Worship Director at CFC, but she’s known me my entire life, and has played a huge role in my musical and worship growth.   In addition to Marcy, many others consistently asked how I was doing, and expressed a hope for my return to CFC.  It was kind of people to show an interest, but still, I pushed back against coming.  

In the meantime, I found the church I thought I would end up going to, but something didn’t feel right.  I put myself out there to get involved in the music and worship.  Pretty quickly, I got a response letting me know that there was no space open to get involved with anything musical.  That didn’t sit well.  In fact, it really stung.

One weekend, while at CFC with my parents, Marcy asked me again if I’d like to get involved, and this time, I said yes without hesitating.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  The next weekend, I was plugged in, and have been coming ever since.

There is just something about this place and the people who call CFC their home.

God used many different people and conversations to bring me back here, and I am so glad He did.  I have gotten to reconnect with people I knew growing up, meet new people and form new relationships, serve in various ways, and be so encouraged by the Lord through the people here.

God is doing big things in and through this church, and I feel honored to be a part of what He has going on here.