Pam Hunt

I am blessed to have gotten involved in the Single Mom's Ministry so soon after my divorce.  Every divorce is different, but I felt mine pulled much of my life and everything I ever wanted away from me.  I didn't have anything or anywhere to fall back on.  I have no family of origin, only the family I tried to build with my former husband, which had been torn in two. I had custody of the younger half of our ten children.  Friends seemed pretty confused and wanting to stay out of the mess of my life.  I don't know what I would have done, or how I would have made it at all, without the enveloping love of the church body, my surrogate extended family.  

I was no doubt broken (which showed up as a hardened outside) long before the crisis of my divorce,  but fixing my brokenness was not a priority for me, because I was already juggling taking care of my young children and working full time. But because of experiencing the acts and demonstrations of love from God-Loving people, my brokenness began to mend without me realizing it.  I learned to trust and believe in God over time and I realized the hardness inside me was slowly softening.

The program support on Wednesday nights, being able to talk when I needed to beyond Wednesday nights, church cookouts which felt like family gatherings to me, material help, food, and the joy of periodic unexpected gifts filled me with the sense of belonging I assume people feel when they have real families of origin. My love and eternal gratitude for the people and body of Christian Fellowship Church goes beyond words.