Gage Auxter

Where do I begin…

To say that BROS was only a guys youth group Bible study would be an insult to those whom I have grown with as men.  Through BROS, we have seen God and all He is doing in our lives.  We have also grown in the way we work as brothers in Christ.  As much as we sat and teased each other, we sat and prayed together, loved each other, and grew as we learned things as Christians together.  As God has honed us, we have memories that are engraved in each of us that brought us life.

Now with retreats - this is where the most relationship-building and bonding happens, as it is where becoming one with the Lord brings a certain overwhelming feeling that causes you to fall to your knees in worship for what He has done for all of us.

Retreats are where tears are shed and prayers are given and received, but for my story, I would like to recognize a very special moment that happened not far from where the congregation sits - our CFC ranch basement.  Now this memory includes the presence of the men in the group.  We were reading “God Guy: Becoming The Man You Were Meant To Be,” and at the end of the study, as we sat in arms with brotherhood and righteousness, Pastor Dave handed out these very long nails that would have been similar to those used in the crucifixion of Christ.  He told us to thank God for what He has given and for what He had to endure. It just made me feel amazing for all that I have and then knowing nothing compared to His love.  It was truly an amazing time with my Christian Family.