Gayle Sinclair

I have been attending CFC for 29 years and I have to say it has been quite the journey.  I grew up in a Presbyterian Church and was saved at a Grace Brethren church which Bruce and I attended for 10 years. 

Several friends started telling us about this little church “Christian Fellowship” they were attending .  I did not want to leave my big church with a dynamite pastor.  Well, as is obvious, we did come to CFC.  The year was 1986.  I was angry, I was sad, and my heart was hard.  At the time the church was meeting in a Wellington School.   I ask you, where were the stained glass windows, where were the pews and big organ?

About 6 months later, I became pregnant with Rachel.  God must have put me on the hearts of the women at that time.  They so ministered to me that my hard heart went from stone to flesh.    I have attended both the Tuesday morning and Thursday night women’s bible studies and have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  After Rachel came Josh and David and the women were there through it all.  

The body of believers in that little building (women and men) is so full of the spirit of God it is amazing.  Through our financial difficulties we have had money in an envelope put in our screen door, bags of groceries left on our porch, and benefited from the food pantry.  I know that I, Gayle Sinclair, have been on the heart of the Father because of your obedience to Him as you ministered to me.   The saints at CFC have shown me that the pews, organ, and stained glass are not what is important, but the hearts of His servants and their desire to love as He loves is.