Pastor Mike Gauch

I once went from being in the top 10% of salespeople in my industry, to unable to provide food for my family in just two years.  This still remains one of the most humbling times of my life.  A man once cried out to me, “I know God is provider but why won’t He do it through me!”  I understand this frustration and pain.  I knew CFC had a food pantry, but I was too proud to use it. 

But things didn’t improve and I realized that God was the one humbling me.  One morning in prayer I embraced His humbling of me.  Yet He wasn’t done wrestling with me.

This all occurred before I was in ministry, when Pastor Dick, my father, was our only pastor.  I knew I could get his key to the office and go to the pantry when nobody would be there, thus avoiding the embarrassment.  God knew I needed to experience what every other person does, however.  I relented and went in the middle of the day.  

Instead of just the secretary being there, the whole office was filled with women leaving a prayer meeting.  Nancy asked if I was there to see my father, but I replied, “No, I’m here to use the food pantry.”  The office became awkwardly silent as I trucked down stairs in my suit to get some food for my family.  It was at that point that God’s grace came.  I was so grateful to attend a church that gave so readily to others in need so I could learn that He is, truly, the Provider.  I still am blessed when I see people from the church and the community being blessed by unseen people who love Jesus and love others through their gifts of kindness.  God bless all who give time, food, and money to the CFC food pantry!