Sarah Parkhurst

When I was given the green light to start the quilting ministry, I was very excited and I still am!  But there was an interval during which I didn't understand what God was doing, and I had to get my theology on!! 

Initially there were approximately 10 people who made up the group, and not all came from CFC.  Some were believers, some non-believers, and some were believers who hadn't been in church for awhile, because they were angry at God.  I loved that and was very happy about the mixture.  We had different people coming through on a regular basis, like a revolving door at times.  Then the numbers dwindled.  They have held pretty steady since then.  We still have some of the initial people there who don't go to CFC, etc. 

Here's the confusing part.  If a ministry or business, or club, etc., is successful, then shouldn't it be big?  Uh, oh!  Was I wasting the money that CFC allowed for the Piecemakers budget?  Was I too obnoxious and sending everyone scooting?  Was I doing what God wanted me to be doing?  Was I living up to my "portion" that the Psalms' talk about?  Have we (the believers in the group) made any difference in the others lives?

I looked at scripture, and at the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), and that gave me a part of my answer. The man in the parable wanted all of his servants to be faithful with what was in front of them, right?  And each were given different amounts or "portions" to be faithful with.  Ok, sounds good.  That was a relief to me.  I was being faithful with the people and the money I had in front of me.  

Now, the biggie for me was, have we made any difference in anyone else's lives?  This issue is important to me, and very key to why I started the group.  I was looking for BIG BIG BIG changes, but I believe now, that was for my glory and not His.  (yikes I hate to admit that!!)  There were people who obviously came just for help on a project and were never seen again.  I can't control that, that's "on them."  But, for others, I know we came along beside them, and walked through tough stuff, or pointed them to God with words or from just being an example.  We have shown them the light of His glory!  And as the ministry continues to see new faces, I pray that remains at the center of every gathering.