Noelle Stucki

Seven years ago I was looking for a church home.  The Lord had put it on my heart to find somewhere to fellowship with other Christians because “the Christian journey is not one to be on alone.” Still I had some reservations. I wanted to be a bit more spiritually mature before joining a church. One day I was talking with a friend, though, and he told me that you don’t go to church with all your problems solved, but rather, go to the church as you are, in order to grow. 

I was convinced, so the next Sunday I came with my then-6-month-old daughter. I knew that I had found my church home. The people I met were so kind and genuine. Indeed, I had found a fertile place to grow. 

The church has been a blessing to my daughter and me in many ways. Most recently, the church was a blessing when I was finishing my associates’ degree. From the very start of the term I had a full load. I was juggling classes, an internship, a job, and, of course, being a mom. So when my car blew up and caught fire on the freeway, I really did not know how I was going to make it. I was thankful that it happened when I had the money to replace the car, but I was still going to have to wait a couple weeks. In the meantime, I had to figure out how I was going to make it with my already tight schedule. On top of everything, a glitch in the computer system at school dropped a class that I needed, which made my graduation uncertain. I was already stressed, but the lack of a car and the prospect of not being able to graduate really put me in a hole I could hardly see out of. 

That is when I called Sue, and told her that I REALLY needed prayer. Not only did she pray for me, but she brought it up with other gals in the Single Moms Group, and had the church staff pray for me as well. I was so blessed to have these people pray for me. I got back into my class and graduated on time. I got an affordable car that was reliable. And all throughout I was able to stay uplifted. 

I could write a dozen snapshots of how the Lord has blessed me through this incredible church. I am so grateful that He led me here because He knew it was exactly what my girl and I needed.