Connie Iguchi


"Lord, I've come to the wrong church, but this is the right church for me."


Isn't it amazing how God works in our lives!  How He watches over us and how He supplies our every need.  God does this for me each and every day, and sometimes when I least expect it.  It was just over a year ago when He led me to this marvelous church.  

It seemed like an accident that He led me here.  I had a friend who asked me to meet her at her church on Sunday.  I was watching for her arrival when Pastor Mike came up to me and introduced himself.  He told me how he recognized each of you who attend regularly.  Immediately, the Lord made me feel welcome by this warm greeting.  I waited and waited for my friend, but she never showed up.  

I loved the music, and the entire service was truly a gift that day to me.  Pastor Mike had asked me if I was looking for a church, and I told him, "If I am, it will have to be a strong, Bible-based church similar to my old one that I have been attending for 40 years or so."  

Well, it turns out, I wasn't at the right church where my friend expected me to meet her.  However, I knew that very day after the service, and I told the Lord as I was leaving, "Lord, I've come to the wrong church, but this is the right church for me."

Every Sunday since that day has been a celebration for me, and I am so grateful that the Lord brought me here.  This is a remarkable, Bible-based church, full of God's warmth, where He embraces all of us every week through His word.  I truly have been blessed, and praise Him that everyone here has rolled out there welcome mat, and has made me feel so comfortable.  I enjoy coming every Sunday morning, and I love the music!

I have attended a women's Bible study group that is absolutely incredible.  I volunteered as an extra and worked last summer at Vacation Bible School, and the energy and love of the children here is really outstanding.  This summer, I was a Story Teller at VBS, and the Lord made sure that it was also a special gift to me. 

My husband passed away two years ago, but our precious Lord married me into this church, and I treasure the experience and relationships He has given me here.  I have become more aware each day of God's love, protection, and guidance in my life, and "sing praises to His Name for He forgets not His own."