Bill Rothermel

Seeking God's Will in our lives is one of the foundational goals in our Friday morning Men's Bible Study, but one issue has challenged several of us personally and left us praying for peace even when we have no understanding.

Alzheimer's Disease slowly stole my mother from us several years before she died. My father set a heroic example of love and perseverance for us, but when it was over we still had "Why?" to be answered someday.

After having gone through this with my mother, one of the men in our Bible study who has been with us the longest is dealing with the same disease with his magnificent wife.  She has slipped out of her Self but remains in her body, trapped in this world instead of receiving her reward with the Lord.

Having been in his shoes, there are no words of enlightenment to be offered, so we share and care and pray together, and continue to look for God's Way in our studies.