Tiffany Burggraf

I guess you could say that CFC has always been “home.”  I started attending here when I was 7, grew up here, and we’ve been through a lot together, CFC and I.  I ventured out twice in my 20s to see what else was out there in the church community.  One of those times I found my husband, so that was good listening to God there, but somehow I always eventually ended up back here.  Once we got married and moved further away from the church we had been attending, we were searching and praying about where to attend and grow, and kept being led to CFC.  I suppose I tried to fight it a bit; I had experienced CFC, met its people, heard its preaching.  I wanted something different, something fresh and new.  But, try as I might, we came here, gave it a chance, and boy, am I grateful we did.  

This church IS home.  The people in it are real.  The teaching, true.  CFC has seen me through some ups and downs.  I’m hearing  “One Thing Remains” in the background, as I write this.  And it’s so fitting.  Because God.  God remains.  And He remains through His people and His word.  And CFC holds both of those closely and has shown me that over time.  

I am honored to be a part of the worship ministry here, and I don’t take that responsibility and privilege lightly.  Pastor Mike often says that our goal as worship leaders is to “help you (the congregation) see what we see.”  Prayerfully, this is always the outcome; helping to lead you to the foot of the cross to see the Lover of our souls and Redeemer we have in Jesus, as He has shown me He is, not only in those ups and downs, but every single day.

But it’s not just us worship leaders who help the body to “see what we see” though.  It’s everyone here that loves on someone else, prays for a brother or sister, speaks an encouraging word, or simply shares in a genuine hug.  You are DOING life together and showing others what you’ve seen Christ do for you.  I’ve experienced the loving-kindness God has for me through people in this body so many times.  And for me, that’s what church is all about.  Since we have a toddler who requires lunch and a nap PRONTO after church, and we can’t stick around as long as we’d like so we could share in your lives more, let me tell you this, here.  I’m grateful that we have a place like CFC to call “home.” A place that points us to the cross - helping others to “see what WE see” as a body of believers and community in Christ.