Joanne Leathers

I have attended CFC since 1989. A long time, yes, but with each New Year there seems to be an opportunity to grow more in the Lord. I never grow tired of the family I have at CFC, the messages I hear each Sunday, and the opportunity I have to spend on Thursday nights with many great ladies.

One of many things that is so special about the Women’s Thursday night Bible Study is that I believe each woman there has a deep desire to know the Lord better but often life just interferes with that desire. I know for me I get discouraged, have a down or hard day, am tired, just want to be left alone to have a pity party, or have not done any or all of my study etc., etc., etc.

Anyway, no matter how you feel, what you think you should have done or not done, you are always welcomed back with open arms to the Thursday night bible study. There have been specific studies that I have felt such growth with and other ones I have had a hard heart about and stopped going. It does not matter. You can go back, get involved in what CFC calls a Sunday Plus One Growth Group. As the saying goes, life is not a sprint but a marathon, and as the Lord says, there are new mercies every morning.

Thank you, CFC and the Thursday night ladies, also known as Chica’s, for loving me and accepting me just the way I am as I seek to follow the Lord in this life! I am excited about learning how to put on and use the Armor of God. I am praying I will do the study and come each week, but I know if I don’t reach those self-imposed goals, I am still loved and accepted when I return the next Thursday.

Wow, I think the Lord lead me to the right church!