Pastor Dave Pound

I have always really enjoyed how we celebrate Communion as a church body here at CFC. Devoting an entire church service to worshiping and honoring Jesus’ death for our sins has made it a very special time for me.

While I have had the privilege to preach a number of Communion services it has been really fun to add Communion to our Promised Land kids ministry in the last year. Helping kids understand a very deep theological idea gives new meaning to our need for child like faith.

One Sunday, after relating the idea of Communion to a birthday party for the kids to understand the remembrance of Jesus, I could see the wheels in my son Cameron’s head start to spin. The thought of juice being like Jesus’ blood and bread being like his body is weird even for adults, but to my 6 year old boy it didn’t matter how it sounded, he just liked that it was worshiping Jesus. Hearing James DeSantis or Atherton Bunner or my son Cameron talk about that faith in Jesus’ death for our sins always points me back to why this service is so important – that “while we were sill sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).”

Whether you are taking Communion with us or just reading this from your home, take time to spin the wheels in your head as you think about Jesus real blood and actual body being given for you.  Get back to your child like faith and see how your worship will change today.