Crystal Headings

Roger, Natalie and I started coming to CFC in the spring of 2000 (the others weren’t born yet).  

No where else have I grown so much in my relationship with the Lord as I have here at CFC.  It was here that I found assurance of salvation; no more fear of losing my salvation. Wow, how freeing that was!  

I’ve been involved in the Women’s Bible Studies for many years and have made many friendships along the way. I have enjoyed both Thursday nights when the kids were very small and then Tuesday mornings once they started school. 

The biggest growth spiritually for me came a number of years ago when I took Pastor Mike’s Discipleship Training class for the first time.  I absolutely loved the class and the course work but most of all, I loved how it opened my eyes and my ears to seeing and hearing the Lord speak to me through His Word.  The Word finally came to life for me. Yay!!  

Do I still struggle being in the Word on a daily basis? Yes!  Do I still struggle hearing Him from time to time? Yes!  I’m constantly reminding myself or maybe it’s the Lord that is reminding me, that no matter what I struggle with, He will always love me.

He is Forever mine and I am Forever His!