Dan Rohrs    

Because of the confidential nature of the Benevolence Ministry, I had to keep much of the Snapshot fairly general, so I hope that all who read it will understand the heart behind it.

About 15 years ago I was asked to administrate the Benevolence Ministry, which has been a blessing to many individuals and families within Christian Fellowship Church and outside  of our church family as well.  The Benevolence Ministry was established to assist families and individuals who have fallen on difficult financial times through job loss, medical calamity, or other life-issues that cause a financial crisis.  

Over the years, the Benevolence Ministry has paid utility bills, rent, car repairs, and other necessities in our modern-day society that have allowed a family or an individual to have some relief from the stresses of overdue bills, not having enough money to feed a family, or not having the capabilities to get to work.  In addition to financial assistance the Benevolence Ministry has accepted cars that have been donated, and given them to those in need so that they could have a way to get to work.  

The general philosophy of the Benevolence Ministry is to show the heart of Jesus by demonstrating compassion to those who need compassion and by fulfilling Jesus’ second commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself.”