John Hickey

The sound ministry has been a bit of a roller coaster over the past several years. I was approached by 7 Hoerath just before his son was born, so it seems fitting to share this with you now as he is soon expecting his next child.

My wife and I were fairly new to CFC, not yet involved in any ministries or small groups. 7 asked if I would be willing to help out on the soundboard, and honestly I was a little intimidated by the idea of learning to operate all of the equipment involved. He assured me he could teach me the ins and outs, so I agreed. As it turns out it is incredibly interesting to see how everything works, and to realize what an impact the “sound-guy” has on our Sunday service.

I am happy to have the opportunity to explore how being a “sound-guy” is a blessing in my life. As I ponder the question, I realize perhaps I'm asking the wrong one...not how have I been blessed, but how have I been allowed to be a blessing. God has used me through this ministry (a blessing in and of itself) and I am grateful for that.

Honestly, most often when God chooses to use me through this ministry it usually isn't even my week in the rotation. When something goes haywire, my instinct is to find a get things back on track. Whether it's batteries dying and needing replaced, or instruments not working properly with our equipment, I enjoy the chance to resolve issues. But beyond the gratification of finding a solution to a problem, hearing from other members of our church family after a service that they appreciate what I've done is a blessing. It can be monotonous sometimes sitting back in the back just in case you need to resolve an issue, when most of the time everything works to hear from others that they appreciate what I've done makes my day.

I can't leave out our worship teams either...often I am at the practices making sure everything is prepared for our Sunday service. These practices are often opportunities to enjoy some raw worship...before anyone has considered order of songs, or who should start a song, or any of the other complexities of preparing for Sunday. When they are just playing a song and everything aligns and I can just sit in the back and worship my God along with's a special time that I am very grateful for.