Joy Hickey

When my husband, John, and I started going to CFC (about 4.5 years ago), I knew that I wanted to be a part of the worship team. I thought I wanted to be a part of the worship team because it was something I had always done in churches before I came to CFC. However, I had not consistently gone to church for almost 10 years. I had spent a lot of time lost, and I believe God had to prepare me (and my husband) to be a part of the worship team.

When John and I met, it was singing karaoke rock songs in a bar. We thought we were pretty good, maybe not the best, but decent enough to impress most. It was fun. It was how we met. What I love about our story is that John and I began singing in church long before we met and in a way, singing and music may just be the way we met the Lord. I don’t believe a single part of church had the impact on me that worship did. As a young teen, I would get lost (or perhaps found) in worshiping Jesus. 

After spending so much time away from church, I had to get ‘found’ again to lead worship. God protected me (and maybe the congregation) from both of us getting involved with worship too fast. When John and I began attending, I was ripe and ready to have our first child, Mary, and I knew it was not yet the time. As she grew, and we became more attached to CFC, I really began to feel the tug of being on a worship team again. I approached Marcy about joining and even though she was enthusiastic about the idea, scheduling still wasn’t lining up. 

Finally the day came when Marcy asked if John and I could BOTH sing one Sunday on the worship team. In my head, this was not what I had envisioned. I was not even sure my husband and I could really sing together…at least not worship music? God had to open my mind so I could see his vision for me AND my husband was (and still is) much bigger than anything I would envision for myself. Thank God for that!

When we did finally sing at church, we received compliments and were told we were a blessing. After all our time away from church, God still used us to bless others and continues to do so years later. It always seems like the weeks we have little time to prepare or I’m just not ‘feeling it’ when we practice, these are the Sundays God has lots of room to do his work and he never disappoints! Being a part of the worship team family has been a blessing to us in ways we really can’t quantify, but we have been humbled by God’s power in it. My hope is that when we are a part of the worship team, God is able to use us to bring his children in so they can get lost (or found) in worshiping Jesus.