Sherry Detillian

Every since I was a child, I have always been awed by the beauty that God has shown us through His natural world. It still takes my breath away when I see a beautiful sunset, a rainbow, countless flowers of all colors and shapes, the mighty power of an ocean, a full moon on a clear crisp night, a majestic mountain, a forest full of all kinds of trees and other growing things, a simple blade of grass, all the different kinds of wildlife - and especially the wonder and the potential of a perfectly-formed human baby. We have an awesome God!

So...once I retired, I felt God calling me to help spruce up the CFC grounds, and maybe create some flower beds that could perhaps showcase some of the beauty He has created. 

I asked: Why me?

He answered: If not you, then who?

To that question, I had no acceptable answer - and that's how the Flowers and Grounds Ministry began.

Over the years, the F&G volunteers have expanded the flower beds and planted many perennials so that only a few summertime annuals need to be planted - to create a sea of different colors. In addition, we have cleaned up around the Ranch and around the playground and picnic area. We have cleaned out underneath the large evergreen trees. And we had a small part in the purchase and planting of a large number of trees to replace the original ash trees that fell victim to the ash bore.

As with any ongoing ministry, the work is never really done, and we always welcome new volunteers who enjoy gardening and/or the natural beauty of God's world. Without our wonderful volunteers who plant, weed, and water, that beauty would never be as pronounced as it usually is. Weather always plays a part in what we do when, and one year, God did 90% of the watering Himself. 

I'll say it again: we have an awesome God!