Stephanie Bunner

First memories begin at 3 and 4. Do you remember yours? How great to be able to create the first memories of Jesus Christ in our little ones! Our preschool class helps give CFC kids a taste of what joy and freedom comes with knowing the Savior. You may wonder what cookies and juice have to do with Jesus, but to a kid, songs, crafts, snacks, and stories create palpable memories that drive them to learn more. And for me, it is a chance to remember what unabashed love for Jesus looks like.

The Preschool class at CFC is a work in progress—as I hope all ministries are. It is designed to engage the children in seeing Christ through all the new things they are experiencing. New emotions, new siblings, new responsibilities—new friends; these are all opportunities to build faith and experience God. We crave your prayers and we have plenty of opportunities to get involved.