Tony DeSantis

The Men’s Ministry at CFC has been a mixed bag for me. There have been frustrating times when we just can’t get the ball rolling. There have also been extremely fulfilling times.

Last year’s retreat was amazing. The weather was uncomfortable to say the least, but the fellowship the Lord provided through that was a HUGE blessing to me and to others. We are in the planning stages for this year’s retreat and I encourage YOU to come with us. 

Besides the retreat we have participated in many other activities. Prayer Nights have been both challenging and rewarding to me. Euchre nights, moving days, Men’s Fraternity, Monday (and Friday) Bible study, and fellowship breakfasts have all been rewarding and a great bonding time for me personally. I have developed a few strong relationships, some new relationships with men I have never really spoken with before, and been able to serve when needed. All things that bring me closer to God.

I am not a particularly outgoing or expressive person, so getting close to other people is hard for me, and I feel that God has used the Men’s Ministry to help me (and other men) grow in that regard. In the different activities I have participated in communication is needed and so is working together for planning and execution. God has kind of forced me to be more interactive and reliant on others, which can be both uncomfortable and humbling BUT is a part of the growth process as a follower of Christ.