Vacation Bible School

Out of the mouthes of babes

What's your favorite part of VBS?

Cadence Pound (8)
Making crafts and snacks, because I love how the snacks go with the Bible story, but they're still a yummy treat. Crafts is fun, because of how cool they look when they're finished, and I get to make them with my friends.

Cameron Pound (6)
I love snacks because you can build certain things, but you can also build other things.

Atherton Bunner (9)
Games, making new friends, 

Edmond Bunner (almost 8)
Crafts, making new friends ("but I forget their names")

What have you learned at VBS?

Cadence Pound
In the skits, by the end, the bad guys always believe in Jesus. That means you can always believe in God. Even if you're bad, you can still believe.

Cameron Pound
That church can be really fun, because we get to do fun classes, invite friends, and you get chocolate.

Atherton Bunner
We had Bible study, but I don't remember anything specific...
We made a walking stick, it was like "walk to God..." I think...

Edmond Bunner
The new songs and dances

Out of the mouthes of parents and volunteers

Niki Pound

The best part about being a leader is seeing the kids' joy and how innocent they are, and quick to listen to Bible stories. It's a real sense of pride when you can see that they get the stories, and bring friends that might not be in church, and get to hear about Jesus for the first time. I would recommend that everyone get involved at VBS at some time.

Crystal Headings

Vacation Bible School. It always brought up mixed emotions for me.  Yes, we wanted our kids to be a part of it but some of them did not want what we wanted. Often times I wondered if it was worth the fight and oh the early mornings...but years later my kids have fond memories of Vacation Bible School.  Just last Sunday Roger showed Natalie and a friend a picture that was taken of them at VBS when they were probably first and second grade.  They laughed and could still remember how the sanctuary was decorated that year. 

As I think back over the years of VBS I keep thinking of the volunteers who gave of their time and energy year after year often in the same areas. I also remember the way a few of them worked extra hard to get a child of mine to be ok with leaving my side. Thank you, Volunteers, for investing in the lives of my kids.  My kids enjoyed VBS but they couldn't wait till they could be a volunteer instead of a student. It's hard to believe that day has come for all four of them.
As one who has volunteered for VBS over the years I sit and think...was it worth my time and energy?  Was it worth dragging myself and my kids out of bed and to the church by 8:30? (Ok, I'll be honest...very rarely did I make it before 9).

Yes and Yes and Yes! 

I've never really sat back and thought about what it meant to volunteer at VBS; writing this has been a good thing.  I think about the mornings. Yes it was hard to drag myself and my kids to church every morning for a week, and muster up energy for the very energetic kids. But I remember the way they would come in...some would run in and be excited and some were a little hesitant looking for a kind smile and a warm welcome of acceptance and I got to be the person to offer them that smile and acceptance. I had opportunities to love on the kids.  I had opportunities to pray silently over the kids as they would sit with me feeling a little homesick.  I had opportunities to laugh and have fun with the kids and at times
act like a kid myself.  Was it hard, long and tiring?  Yes, at times it was hard and seemed like the morning was never going to end and I was definitely tired by the end; I often needed a nap by the time I got home. But I also remember a sense of peace and satisfaction at the end of each morning; I had the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving the children.
If you're thinking of volunteering for it!  I survived, you will too! You may have a couple of new gray hairs though :)