Keri Horst

It's so very nice to meet you! I am the new administrative assistant here at CFC, and am excited to see what the Lord has in store. 

My husband, Mike, and I just moved to the area. We have a golden retriever, Lucy, and way too many belongings, even though I know we purged before we moved! I am a native Floridian, having lived in Jacksonville, FL for 25+ years. All of my immediate family lives there (as well as Mike's family), and it is the land of eternal sunshine (though sometimes that sunshine comes in the form of rainy afternoons every day at 2:00 pm).  Some of you might think I'm crazy to leave such a warm place for cold Columbus, OH - many people I have talked to question this very idea. "You left FL? We'd love to move to FL!" And you may need to remind me of this come this winter, when I'm walking around in a parka, shivering, and feeling miserable. In the meantime, I am enjoying the slightly cooler weather here with the fantastic evenings, and remaining in denial that winter is coming!

A certainty that I have always held onto is that our Lord works in mysterious ways, and often takes us to the unexpected.  I have learned this lesson many times over the course of my short life, as he has taken me to places or has allowed events to happen that I would not have chosen for myself. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes no, and sometimes he takes, instead of giving. Sometimes he calls you to spend three years overseas serving Him (a great story that is better told in person), and sometimes he calls you to move across the US away from your families and the familiar. The good news is, He so often makes things work out more perfectly than we could have ever imagined. His blessings are so wonderful! 

I have a long history with Columbus, OH, and yet I have never lived here until now.  Mike and I have followed the call of the Lord, traveling 12+ hours, to serve at Bethel Presbyterian Church in ministry together. He has the official title of Associate Pastor, and I have the less official title of 'Pastor's Wife.' I was delighted several months ago when my husband told me that Bethel Presbyterian was hiring. Bethel is special to me for several reasons: my dad began his ministry there 30+ years ago as their youth minister, he was ordained there, and I was baptized there. Columbus in general is special to me because my father grew up here, graduated from OSU (Go Bucs!), and met my mother here. Between extended family, and some old family friends, this city feels a bit like a second home to me. After months of uncertainty while looking for a call, a couple of no's (from the Lord and from us), and lots of prayer, we still can't believe just how perfectly this has worked out. The Lord was certainly in this move! 

This position here at CFC has also been a unexpected blessing from the Lord. In the midst of the craziness of our moving, I told my husband that I wished I could find a part-time job that would fit into our life here, but wasn't sure what that looked like. The very next day, I was told about the job opening at CFC, and I thought, "wow, God you are so good."

I am delighted to be back working in a ministry setting, and I am also excited to do ministry with all of you here at CFC. Please come by the office sometime so we can meet!