Gayle Sinclair

Do you have a favorite bible? A version that you prefer? A leather one that feels good when you hold it? One that you know has the note on a particular subject in the left margin?

Over my 36 years as a believer I have had several. For my first decade I used a black, synthetic leather-bound King James Version, then I got a maroon, synthetic leather-bound New American Standard and have not looked back. I love that bible, my underlines and notes in the margin, how it feels when I hold it, the memories of a convention I used it at or reading it with a girlfriend, you get the picture. It was so worn; the leather was no longer attached.

Two years ago my four children took it to a book maker and had it rebound in new, synthetic maroon leather as a Christmas present. Even newly bound, it for many years has been missing the single page 927 and 928 containing Psalms 138 and 139. Obviously, I have several other bibles shelved to look those up when needed, and of course the internet, but it is not the same.

I have written before about my wonderful sisters from Thursday night bible study. During the course of one study, Gaye Richardson and Kay Scott came to see that I did not have those Psalms. Gaye thought there should be a way for me to have the page. Kay has an old NASB that has come apart and she was able to make a copy of the page front and back and fold it, glue it together so it looks like a page in my bible.

They carried the page around for two Thursdays and two Sundays as they tried to sneak it into my bible without me knowing.

So, here is the good part! 

After reading my bible in bed one morning (which I never do, I always read in my living room) Rachel popped into my bedroom, we talked for a few minutes while I started to make the bed. Not seeing my bible as I had covered it with blankets, it fell to the floor, opened, and that page popped out. I was confused. I at first thought it was my page, but realized it couldn’t be. It fit right in, the font was the same, and the flow from 926 through 929 was perfect. Rachel laughed and explained the story to me about Gaye and Kay and their covert operation.

I was moved to tears of joy as I thought of God’s love for me and theirs also. They said “now you again have the complete Word of God.” What a blessing!