Judie Letizia

Since coming to know the Lord many years ago, I have been a part of numerous Bible studies all of which have aided in my increasing knowledge of God.

However, Discipleship Training (DT) is so much more than gaining Biblical knowledge. DT taught me how to worship Him and apply His word to my every day life by having a Daily God Encounter (DGE). DGE is a pathway to true intimacy with Jesus. I am still in awe as I remember how day by day and week by week my worship of Him and love for Him grew deeper in such a personal way and continues to this day.

When I signed up for DT, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard prior attendees discuss various DT experiences but not in detail. In retrospect, I am pleased that I wasn't aware of any particulars because the Holy Spirit revealed to me what He wanted me to know in His timing. EXTREMELY POWERFUL!

Consequently, I do not want to go into any detail about the 9 week journey other than to say that I feel DT is a tool Jesus uses to draw us closer to Him in a most intimate way, and I would strongly encourage anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord to attend this series of classes.

Truly, DT is a life changing experience, and you will embrace and look forward to your DGE time with a smile on your face and peace in your heart.