John HIckey

Whether I'm at home by myself with my guitar or leading our congregation in worshiping our Lord, these are often the times when I feel the Spirit's presence in my life the deepest. The moments when I sing a certain line in a song and realize there is a deep meaning that shakes me to my core and better helps me understand the God I serve, those are moments I rarely experience any other time. Worship has been a gift to me, God provided me with a way to express myself and honor Him at the same time. It is truly an honor to be able to share that gift with anyone who cares to listen, and hopefully sing along from time to time.

Sometime last year God laid it on my heart that I'd like to have more worship time...whether that was during the week, or earlier Sunday morning I wasn't sure...but I started talking to Marcy about it pretty regularly. And as Pastor Mike often says, "ready, fire, aim", we set a date and started a ball rolling. I contacted some others from our worship teams and we enthusiastically prepared an hour of music, rather than our usual 20-25 minutes. It was a blessing to those who attended from what I was told, and I know it was a huge blessing to me...but I'd been asked a question I couldn't answer yet. 

"What do you hope to accomplish with this worship night?" was the question.

As we planned the second evening of worship a few months later this question was still in the back of my mind, but the answer never came and we played our worship night all the same. Again, through worship music and testimonies we honored God...but there was still that question.

As we began planning the third God finally gave me an answer. It's a simple concept, but an important one. I hope to use these evenings of worship to convey the Gospel, from the broad strokes of Jesus' sacrifice for us, to the intricate details of His love for us, to those who may otherwise miss it. I want to do this using music, because that is how God reaches me. 

So I hope you'll join us to Sing to our King, Friday May 5 at 6:30Pm at CFC. Come alone or bring a friend, all are welcome!