Important Announcement for the CFC Body

Letter from Pastor Mike & Marcy Gauch:

Dear Beloved CFC Family-

It is with heavy, but hopeful hearts that Marcy and I share some news with you today and, more completely, at our worship service on June 24th.  We have been in a process of trying to hear God’s voice and sense His leading.  After being a part of this Body for over 30 years, and a Pastor for 24, the Lord has told us that we have finished our leg of the race here at CFC.  While we don’t know what our “next” is, we trust that as we follow Him as best we know how, He will show us.

It was always our hope and intention (if the Lord willed) to finish out our years at CFC, especially because of our deep love for the folks here.  Therefore, handing off the baton is the most difficult thing He has ever asked us to do.  Marcy and I brag about this wonderful church to anyone who will listen and have been so blessed to be a part of such a loving group of people. That is what makes this so hard and moves us to tears. 

Also, we are sad to miss what we believe is a coming season of great fruit-bearing.   We rejoice for you because your future is so promising.  Here are just a few reasons why:

1.      We believe God has assembled the best group of Shepherding/Elder couples in CFC’s History.  Their love and care for the flock of God is unsurpassed.  They are working hard to bring CFC successfully into this next phase.

2.      The new Values/Mission/Vision Statements are fresh and exciting because the Lord was directing your Shepherds.  There are great things ahead!

3.      Each of YOU.  You comprise this “flock” of God, and what a beautiful and authentic flock it is!  Those of you who call CFC “home” will undoubtedly experience wonderful blessings as Christ works in and through you.

In conclusion, it has been an honor to be called your Pastor.  Knowing our roles are nearing an end in a few months produces waves of sadness in us.  We are confident that this signifies that we have been loved beyond measure and hope we have loved well in return.

With much love and gratitude,

Pastor Mike & Marcy Gauch

Letter from the Elders:

From the CFC Elders:

You have just received news regarding Pastor Mike and Marcy that may have taken you by surprise and shocked you. It will take some time to process.  The elders have known this news for a few weeks and it saddens us.  We’ve had time to process this with each other and the Lord. Although there are many decisions and numerous unknowns, we are being led to move forward and have set some plans in motion.  The elders are planning for what we believe will be a promising future at CFC.

As elders we want to reassure you that we did not ask Pastor Mike to step down from his role at CFC.  This was a decision Pastor Mike and Marcy made based on the Lord’s leading.  We do support them in this difficult decision.  There is no sin or inappropriate behavior of any kind that brought this on.

We consider you all “family” since you are a part of the CFC body.  As leadership, we are committed to keeping the CFC body intact after Pastor Mike’s departure.  The Lord Jesus recently led the current elders and their wives to our new mission and vision statements. We are in agreement that the best plan at this time is to perform a senior pastor search. We are trusting the Lord to provide a senior pastor who will lead the charge and carry the vision forward.  We covet your prayers during the search and for all the tasks that will need to change hands.  Pastor Dylan will continue to shepherd our children and carry on with his duties.

The elders are here for you.  Please reach out to us as we know this is not easy news to digest.  We would like to hold a church wide prayer night on Friday July 13th.  We strongly encourage you to attend, if possible.  Please be in prayer for Pastor Mike and Marcy as they seek direction from the Lord.  This is a great opportunity to demonstrate our mission: Real Love in Real Life.

Thanks to all of you!

Mark and Jill Blazek, Dave and Nikki Hampson, Roger and Crystal Headings, Mark and Sumita Lindsey, Dan and Libbie Rohrs, Bill and Kay Scott