Children's Ministries

Children's Ministries

At Christian Fellowship Church we are devoted to the Spiritual growth of our Children by experiencing the Bible through stories, drama, crafts, games, movies, and music. We want to join you in the ministry to your children by teaching the Bible through all learning styles.



During Sunday Service, 10:00–11:30 am

The nursery program at Christian Fellowship Church is comprised of two separate classrooms, "Infants" and "Toddlers"  Volunteers with a heart for young children are available in each classroom to minister to your child with love and play during the morning service.

If you have children in this age group, please feel free to bring them to the Nursery or Toddler Room and allow us to be of assistance to you. This class meets in the designated nursery classrooms in the back hallway.


Preschool meets during the Sunday Service but stays in for most of the worship time, 10:20–11:30 am.

Preschool Jr. Church is designed for kids 3–5 years old and meets in the large classroom. The curriculum consists of experiential activities that involve the use of all five senses to expose young children to fun and fellowship while learning the Word of God.

If you have children in the age group bring them to the Preschool room in the back hallway once they are dismissed from the service. 

Promised Land (K–5)

Promised Land is a hands-on, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, Bible Education Program based on our growing knowledge of how children best develop and retain long-term knowledge of the Bible.  Promised Land meets during the Sunday Service, but children are dismissed from the service to their classes around 10:20 am 

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