Promised Land

Promised Land meets during the Sunday Service. Children are dismissed from the service to go to their classes in our education wing (in the back) around 10:15 am and these classes last until the end of the Sunday Service.

What is Promised Land?

Promised Land is a hands-on, multi-sensory, multidimensional Bible education program, based on our growing knowledge of how children best develop and retain long-term knowledge and understanding. Using one major Bible story; Promised Land presents different segments or facets of the story in a series of six theme based rooms called “Workshops.” Teachers repeat their own segment of that main story as groups of kids rotate from room to room each week.

Promised Land Workshops:

Each Promised Land Workshop (theme-based room) focuses on a particular mode of teaching a segment of the main story. For example, in the Games Workshop, the main focus is helping the children who learn through “moving and doing” connect Biblical Truths to life here and now. Helping them understand the application of a Bible Story and bringing that into their life today may include games like Simon Says, Relay Races, and online resources that have visual and auditory games built into the lesson.   Thus, while each Workshop focuses on one primary mode of learning, several different modalities of learning are included in every Workshop. This address all the different learning styles kids have, and makes the story come alive.

Our Six Workshops:

  1. Storytelling - The entire Bible story is told in chronological order through various storytelling techniques.

  2. Games – Children are taught applications from the story by playing games that keep them in motion and help them experience biblical themes in concrete ways.

  3. Arts/Crafts - Bible stories are taught through art projects cooperatively as a group and individually.

  4. Music/Memory - Children lift their voices in praise. Songs are used to strengthen their faith and emphasize memory of the Bible story.

  5. Theater/Drama - Children enter the Word by re-enacting Bible stories using stage sets, lighting and costumes.

  6. Movies - Movie clips are viewed and discussed to teach the life application of the Bible story.


Come experience the exciting Workshop rotation model for children in grades K-5 each Sunday morning. Biblical stories are taught for six week intervals using a variety of experiential learning techniques.

Please contact Pastor Dylan or the church office if you feel led to be a part of this children's ministry (teachers operate on a rotation basis).